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Much of the world steeped in depths of the unsustainable, one's inner sense and capacity for sustaining fearless creativity is an imperative – essential to maintaining sanity and a sense-of-soul. Business management consultant and futurist Edward T. DeBono projected:
"The twenty-first-century will be one of value creation and of creativity." While many sectors worldwide strive for increasing value in their products, especially technologies, the vessel of creativity must be continuously replenished and sustained by each individual in their daily lives. The question is: How do we remain resilient and sustain creativity with the fragmenting world around us in a constant state of shock-and-awe? Nourishing and sustaining inspiration and creativity
is akin to spiritual practice. While the current conversation around sustainability is largely focused on the world without – the environment, resources, politics, and such – what about our personal interior realms? It's an inside job to hold in heart and hand the shards of personal story, memory, motivation, imagination, and inspiration – all manifesting in unfolding expressions of Engaged Creativity in support of oneself – and in service to mankind.  505-986-1106

The vessel for this relevant creative conversation is Lisl Dennis’ high-production multimedia presentation, including visual vignettes from her extensive travels worldwide. FEARLESS CREATIVITY - World Views From A Traveling Photographer establishes contexts and atmospheres for sharing stories. Each visual segment, with its evocative music and provocative quotes, evokes aspects of creative and spiritual experience, and honors core insights collected in the vessel of each participant’s life. Visual Artist and Story Guide Lisl Dennis shares her worldwide creative and spiritual journey as she invites participants’ StoryShards. The program is about fearless egagement in the world and about re-forming the vessel of one's sustainable creative life. It’s an inside job.

“STORYSHARDS are the sacred guiding
memories and creative story lines of
your life – integral to the whole vessel.”

Visual Artist – LISL DENNIS – Story Guide

What is the larger creative context of your life and are you sustaining fearlessness and inspiration for that vision?
What is essential about sustainability in global domains and most
relevant in your own?
What is not sustainable in your life - ceasing to serve your own creativity and the collective good?
What do you wish to sustain and nourish in your life to remain creatively engaged in the world-at-large?
What is the role of heartbrokenness in sustaining creativity and resiliency in a fragmenting world?
What creative and spiritual practices are you holding on the back
burner - far too long?
What to do with the suffocating stuff in your life - including fearfulness, outmoded practices and belief systems?
What is the role of beauty in sustaining your creative spirit?

With Lisl's original imagery sourced from her New York City and Santa Fe based international career as a travel photographer, videographer, author, speaker, and facilitator - including from her recent travels to Berlin, Cornwall, Paris, India, and Vermont - sequential visual vignettes from diverse cultures and contexts speak directly to your personal stories in surprising and inspirational ways. As STORYSHARDS host, Lisl points to a sustainable path for your story forward and for your effective service within the world-at-large.

For those interested in photography and videography, STORYSHARDS speaks directly to creating purpose around your passion for visual creativity and expression.

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Lisl presents at Rancho La Puerta

"I was amazed by Lisl's truly magical images and the conversations around personal sustainability. I enjoyed very much being a part of this gathering of wise women and the insights our exchanges provided."
- Annelise Bovet

"Lisl has the most marvelous graphics, as well as terrific content. Her SUSTAINABILITY: It;s An Inside JOb is facinating."
- Charlie Romney-Brown, Women's Voices

"Lisl's STORYSHARDS workshops always bring up something for me, and enable me to clear it. Such a safe and intelligent space. The women she attracts are so awesome! I really connected, again, with the imagery. Thank you for an awesomely wonderful gathering - very uplifting and enjoyable."
- Kerry Amour

"What I really like about the STORYSHARDS experience is that Lisl doesn't impose her own belief systems on us."
- Sherry Thompson Miller

"STORYSHARDS visuals lead us into an immersion of metaphors, meanings and discussions that open to discoveries. Lisl provides creative tools for seeing new paths leading to intellectual, emotional and spiritual depths. STORYSHARDS is beautiful and beauty is a necessary ingredient
for sustainability."
- Anna Bovet

"Thank you for creating a container of space wherein such intelligent communication can transpire. I salute you."
- Rinchen Llamo

"So enjoyed SUSTAINABILITY: An Inside Job. The combination of Lisl's haunting images and music, and the conversations with remarkable women created a stimulating melange which will continue to percolate."
- Valmai Elkins

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